The Joy of Sathyanand’s Yellow Visuals

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Visual by Sathyanand

This interview is part of a weekly series that focuses on creators who live at the intersection of writing and art. The goal is to provide inspiration and practical tips for anyone looking to add more visuals to their work.

When I started paying attention to visual Twitter, Sathya and his iconic yellow visuals quickly became a routine and welcome part of my feed. People were eager to like and share his visual takes on quotes and concepts.

Like this:

And this:

Or visual threads distilling talks or books like this:

Sathya is relentlessly positive and incredibly consistent with putting out new and interesting visuals. He went from 600 Twitter followers in Jan of 2021, to almost 3,000 now at the end of April 2021. He also has a newsletter that is full of his and other people’s visuals that you can find here.

All this growth using this yellow aesthetic culminated into a book released on Gumroad, which is 100 of Sathya’s best visuals packaged nicely in one spot.

I was interested in sending Sathya some questions around how he developed his style and the tools that he uses. He delivered the goods, and I was delighted to learn he uses Canva to make all of his yellow visuals (which has a free version).

Sathya has recently been exploring the power of mind mapping, and because this site is dedicated to all things visual, we thought it would be fun to present the responses in the form of a mind map.

So please enjoy exploring the branches of creativity instilled within this mind map. For accessibility and links, below is a bullet point version as well.

Be sure to right-click and open in new tab or pinch to zoom

Tell us about the creative projects you work on

  • I make visuals out of:
    • Quotes
    • Tweets
    • Interesting ideas/ concepts
    • I’m the Yellow Fellow
    • 3 major topics
      • Practical philosophy
        • Stoicism
        • Modern day self-help
      • Creativity & Learning
        • Creative struggle
        • Life-long learning
      • Visual thinking
        • Visual learning
        • Visual notetaking
        • Sketchnoting
        • Mindmapping
        • A bit of ADHD

How long have you been visually creative?

  • Oct 2019
    • Joined Twitter
  • Nov 15, 2020
    • First visual
  • Nov 23, 2020
    • Joined Daily Visual Community
  • Dec, 2020
  • Jan, 2021
    • My birthday
      • Feb 2, 2020
  • Feb 2021
  • March 2021
    • First podcast appearance
    • First session by HelloMeets
  • April 2021

How did you decide on your unique style?

  • Started with mimicking
    • Jack Butcher’s black background style
    • Didn’t like dark background in a visual
  • Joined the Daily Visual community
    • Tried various forms
    • Black + White
      • Jack Butcher
    • White + Black
    • Yellow + Black
      • Sathya
        • Became the Yellow Fellow
      • I get icons from The Noun Project
      • Finalized based on feedback

What tools do you use for creation and publishing?

Is there one image you are particularly proud of?

Are there any creators who work at the intersection of writing and art who inspire and motivate you?

What advice would you give anyone who wants to start (or continue) using visuals to grow an audience?

  • Experiment
  • Embrace yourself
  • Consistently create
  • And importantly, hold on!
    • You got this!

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