I’m Erik and I’ve been blogging and writing newsletters for years. During this time I developed this habit (that I just can’t seem to kick) of creating images or drawings that I could sneak into my writing. I’ve decided to lean into this habit by paying attention to the landscape of writer’s who draw (or design, illustrate, etc).

Stick figure where head says “story machine”. Writing ideas goes in one side, words and doodles come out the other.

I’ve noticed there are a lot of resources for writers, and a lot of resources for budding illustrators, but not a lot for where these two worlds meet. What about the writer who wants to explore adding their own visuals without wanting to take a full drawing course or become an expert in Adobe Illustrator? I want this site to be safe space for learning resources and inspiration for creators who are art-curious.

Check out this post for more about the goals of this site.

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